Download and Edit static data in Stonex S900 receiver via WebUI

Download and Edit static data in Stonex S900 receiver via WebUI

-        Turn on the Wi-Fi network in your PC
     -     Power on your Stonex S900 base receiver, search for it as a Wifi connection based on its serial number. The serial number of the instrument is located on the bottom of the receiver.  Select and connect.

-    Once connected to the Stonex receiver, open any web browser and enter the following IP Address:

-       Enter user and password credentials. The Stonex (default) settings are:

User: admin

Password: password.

 -     After inserting the above credentials, you will be directed to the main page of your receiver’s settings.

-   Under ‘Download’, click on the Raw Data tab which will allow you to view all static data sessions that have been recorded into your receiver’s head and download the desired one.

-   Your static data is stored as a binary .dat file. This file can be downloaded directly, converted to Rinex (ASCII) format, deleted, or edited, as you can see below.

-        By clicking Edit, you can change and correct the Antenna Measurement and the Antenna Height before downloading the static data, in case wrong selection and value were set correspondingly. 

-       By selecting Convert, you can convert your .dat file to a variety of different formats, including Rinex, Leica, and Stonex format.

-     To post-process your static data using the NRCan-PPP service:

  1.  convert to the latest Rinex version 3.02, 
  2. check the download box,
  3.  uncheck the Antenna Phase Center, if you do not want to account for it.

       d. Check the Download box and hit Convert.


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