Export the Flight Battery Logs

Export the Flight Battery Logs

1) Insert the TB60 intelligent flight battery requiring log export into the intelligent battery station. Connect the intelligent 
battery station to the remote controller using a USB-C cable. Turn on the Battery Station and remote controller.

2) Launch the DJI Pilot app and go to the UAV Health Management System. Select [Manage Logs] - [Battery Station Log].

3) Select [X Battery Log] and then click [Upload]. The DJI Pilot app supports the uploading of up to eight TB60 Intelligent Flight 
Battery and Battery Station logs at the same time. Refer to the figure below for the position of the corresponding battery in the Battery 

4) After the logs have been uploaded successfully, a prompt appears on the app stating “You may submit this QR code or this confirmation 
number to Customer Service for follow-up action”.
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