DJI-M300 RTK - How to update the firmware

DJI-M300 RTK - How to update the firmware

Update Remote Controller
Turn on the controller, make sure the controller is connected to the internet. Click on the firmware update notification to download all updates. 

Battery Station Activation
Must be activated before use 
      - Solid yellow warning LED will be displayed if unactivated and battery TB60 battery would not charge
1. Open up the Pilot App on RC
2. Power on Battery Station
3. Connect battery station to RC
4. Wait 5 seconds and there will be a notice for activation

Updating Battery Station
Use same process to connect RC to battery station
Connect RC to internet
Click on Health Management System in main screen
Click on battery station in sidebar
Click "update all"

Update H20
Updated via SD Card
1. Freshly format SD card in camera
2. Place .BIN file onto SD card
3. Power on drone
4. Wait until completion
      -4 short beeps means an update file is detected and is preparing for updates
      -1 long beep means the firmware is updating
      -1 long beep followed by 2 short beeps means the firmware update was successful
      -Continuous long beep means the firmware update failed; please try again

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