How To Update The Stonex S900NEW Firmware

How To Update The Stonex S900NEW Firmware

1. Connect to your receiver via your devices Wifi

2.Open a web browser, and go to the following address:

The Login info is as follows:
username: admin
password: password

3. Click on the "Management" tab

4. Under "Install New Firmware", select "Choose File" and select the corresponding file that matches the device you have.

5. After selecting "Upload File", you will get the message "File is being uploaded..."

This may take several minutes to process.

6. Once the file is done uploading, you will get the message "File upload successfully. System will reboot to update". Your GNSS receiver will now restart.

PLEASE NOTE: your receiver will now flash each light consecutively as it reboot. Please DO NOT try to shut-off the receiver, remove the batteries, or touch any other buttons until this process is finished. It will be finished as soon as the flashing stops and the receiver beeps.

7. Re-connect to the receiver via its webUI following the steps at the beginning of this article. The WebUI will have been updated and will appear as shown below.

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