Stonex GNSS raw data download options

Stonex GNSS raw data download options

There are three different ways you can download static data from Stonex receivers:

1.     multi-pork link cable.  You connect the cable to the 7-pins Lemo port of the receiver and insert the USB port to your PC.


2.     SD card. The SD card is located inside the GNSS receiver and it is optional (upon request) as the internal memory of the GNSS receiver is 4GB. Users can select where to save the data (internal memory or SD card).


3.     WebUI interface. you can connect to the WebUI interface of the Stonex S10/ S900/S9i/S800 GNSS receiver.

                         -   Turn on the Wi-Fi network in your PC

                        -  Search the Stonex receiver by the serial number of the instrument (located on the bottom of the receiver) and connect.

                        -    Once connected to the receiver’s Wifi, open any web browser and enter the IP Address:

                          -   Enter user and password credentials. The Stonex receivers’ default settings are:

                              User: admin

                              Password: password.

                        -   After inserting the above credentials, you will be directed to the main page of your receiver’s settings.

                        -     Go to ‘Download’. Then, you will see all the files stored inside the memory of the receiver’s head for all static session. Click and download the desired file. 

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