Trinity F90: Download FlyLOG

Trinity F90: Download FlyLOG

The FlyLog contains all the coordinates of the pictures that are recorded during the flight. FlyLogs are generated during the flight and saved on the autopilot board of the Trinity F90+. With the help of QBase it is possible to transfer the FlyLog from the Trinity F90+ to your computer, laptop or tablet.

Additionaly, QBase offers the opportunity to create a KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file and a tagging file from the FlyLog. The KML files can be used to display the flight path in an Earth browser.

Please note that only the last ten FlyLogs are saved on the autopilot. In order to prevent loss of data, please download the FlyLogs regularly but at least after every 10th flight.

  1. Connect the Trinity F90+ main body to your computer via magnetic USB. Do not connect the battery as the power is supplied by the USB connection.
  2. Open QBase, select Tools and select FlyLog Debrief.

3. Show the list of Logs by selecting "refresh".
4. Select if you wish to download the FlyLog only or if you would also like to create the KML and the tagging file generated from the FlyLog.
5. Select the FlyLog that you wish to download from the Trinity F90+ and select Download

6. Choose a directory
7. By selecting Load from Folder it is also possible to create a KML file and tagging file from a previously downloaded FlyLog that is saved on your computer.

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