Trinity F90: Update the Payload Management Board (PMB)

Trinity F90: Update the Payload Management Board (PMB)

  1. Start QBase.
  2. Select Updates and select Search Updates.
  3. Select Update and confirm with Yes.     
  4. Please follow the steps as described in QBase. Thereby, please pay special attention to FIRST select Detect Device and AFTERWARDS to connect the payplad compartment to the computer via USB.
  5. When connected successfully the writing process starts automatically. After the update please select OK.
  6. Disconnect the USB connection between the payload compartment and your computer. 
    In order to validate the update please follow the mentioned four steps:
  7. Connect the QBase modem to your computer. 
  8. Attach the Payload Compartment to the Trinity (see manual chapter 11.1). 
  9. Connect the battery to the Trinity and power the Trinity. The Trinity connects to QBase automatically.
  10. Select the main menu -> Mission -> Start Monitoring and open the Payload Info
    in the footer section.

    The current payload management board version is displayed.
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