V4 Firmware Temporary Solution

V4 Firmware Temporary Solution

The M300 RTK batteries do not work after upgrading the firmware, DJI is working on discovering a solution urgently. Until then, please refer to the instructions below in order to obtain a temporary solution to this problem provided by DJI.

1. Please use an internal account to update the battery firmware to V01.02.05.44 (it's a temporary firmware version).
1) There are two ways to update the battery firmware:

a. Update the battery firmware by using the aircraft, and at most two batteries can be updated at one time.

      a) Use the internal account to log into DJI Assistant 2 (account: m300rtksupport@163.com; password: 12344321.. (please note that 
“..” are part of the password)

      b) Insert the battery to the aircraft, and update the aircraft firmware to V04.00.01.12. After the update, the battery firmware 
will be automatically updated to V01.02.05.44.

b. Update the battery firmware by using the battery station, and up to eight batteries can be updated at one time.
      a) Power on the remote controller and use the internal account to log into the DJI Pilot app (account: m300rtksupport@163.com
password: 12344321.. (Please note that “..” are part of the password)

      b) Insert the battery to the battery station and connect the remote controller to the battery station. Go to the HMS in the 
app and tap “update” before “Battery Station”, then tap “Update All” and update the battery station firmware to 
V04.00.01.03. After the update, the battery firmware will be automatically updated to V01.02.05.44.

2. After the update, please take out the battery from the battery station or aircraft, place the battery in the platform and stand 
still for two hours, then insert the battery to the drone again, and the issue can be fixed.

(This is a mandatory step, otherwise the upgrade might fail.)

If the above solutions do not solve your problem, please kindly provide the following information:

Serial Number of your M300 RTK AND Charging case:

Your battery's activation time:

Number of batteries' cycles:

Battery usage before firmware version upgrade (descriptions or photos):

Charging case firmware version:

What is the upgrade done through (Aircraft OR Charging case):
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