Static (.dat) To RINEX conversion tool by Stonex

Static (.dat) To RINEX conversion tool by Stonex

This tool is used to convert the .dat (binary) file of the static data logged on the Stonex GNSS receiver to Rinex (ASCII) format. In case the user has already selected in the receiver’s WebUI to convert the static file from .dat to Rinex, this converter can be used as a QC tool.

-        -  Click on the link

-        -  Download the ‘’ file.

-        -  Decompress and run the .exe file.

-        -  Click on ‘Path’ and select the folder that the static .dat file is saved.

-        -  Select the .dat file of your job (check the box), as in the picture below.

-        -  Double-click on your job’s .dat file (marked as blue) in order to edit and confirm the antenna height value and the antenna measure mode selected.

To get familiar with the different height measurements on the Stonex S10 and S900 GNSS receivers, advise the knowledge base articles 


-                    -  Once you hit ‘OK’, you will be returned in the main window.

              -   Time interval: Automatic. You can change it to the desired value in case you want to undersample. E.g., Time interval is 5Hz (0.2s) and you change it to 1Hz (1s).      

              -   Deselect ‘Phase Center’, if do not want to account for the antenna’s offset (L1, i.e., to the phase center) in the calculation of your output antenna height.

        -   Deselect the QZSS and SBAS as we only tracked satellites from GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou constellations.

                                        -   Then, hit ‘Export’. Once, the conversion is complete (green bar loading), hit ‘Exit’.

             -      The RINEX files will be saved in the same path that you had your static data was saved.

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